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NGC 1499 - California Nebula in HOO


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Decided to have another go at this after capturing another 1.5 hours last night. 

This brings the total to 7.7Hrs over 3 sessions. 


Rather than muck about with false SHO, I thought I’d stick to the actual channels captured and do an HOO, concentrating on contrast and detail. 

Separate integrations of Ha and Oiii in APP, combined and processed in PS CC. 


ASI294mc pro -10 unity gain


EQ6-R Pro

ASIair Pro






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12 hours ago, Carastro said:

A nice result Tony, however those of us who have imaged this target with a mono camera have found that there is no nebulosity in the Oiii channel.  I believe your l-enhance filter splits into Ha and Oiii.  



There’s definitely ‘something’ being extracted by the ‘Ha-OIII extract OIII’ algorithm in APP though. It’s quite feint though.   I’ll post the two extracts on here a bit later. 


If it’s not OIII then I have no idea what it’s pulling out? 


I’ll ask on the APP forum and see if someone knows whats going on under the bonnet. 

There is Hydrogen Beta bandpass with the l-eNhance as well but I don’t know where that figures with the APP extraction algorithms? 



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Here are the two outputs from the extractions in jpeg format (rather than the original FITS/TIFF in order to fit on here). Only processing applied apart from the stretch is some minor Light Pollution Removal done by APP on the FITS; I have the originals of these too but the only difference is  just big gradients.


Not much in the OIII extract as you can see (given the amount of integration time).







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