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3am Saturday 17th


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I Had an unexpected clear sky earlier this morning. 

Skywatcher Startravel 102 Ioptron mini tower and 40 mm TV plossl 18 and 13 mm eyepieces.

With Orion on the meridian and looking very crisp and clear. I had to point the telescope at M42. 

I was not disappointed. The 40 mm TV gave the widest view through the diagonal and Baader Moon and Skyglow filter.

The four trapezium stars were sharp and easy to see. Usually these four prominent members are difficult to see.  But with excellent seeing and transparency they were very obvious.

Higher powers and a OIII filter dimmed the stars to enhanced the nebulous complex considerably.

Wisps of white nebulosity seemed, to go on and on.

Greeted my eye in this telescopic field.

The dark fishes mouth was a black silhouette with dark structure visble. My telescope showed plenty of white  nebulous detail full of contrast. I was very surprised at the detail.

Was it the change to LED lighting or the time?


Ether way. M42 looked fabulous 

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