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M33 Triangulum Galaxy


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That’s a great image sharp well defined stars,rich star colour and M33 also imho very well colour balanced and definition from central core to outer arms - M33 is notoriously difficult to process well - your image is definitely deep into the processed well category.

I am in general not a huge galaxy fan I’m far more nebulous 😁, but your image

could not be left without a comment once viewed 



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Wow thanks Bryan, very glowing comments, thank you so much, I'll buy you that coffee on Saturday 😊


I'm really not a fan of processing, I only spend minimal time at my computer so I use the amazing and free SIRIL. Generally after throwing in my subs and it's done it's crunching, I've got my image out within 10 mins and I do 5 or 6 processes and narrow it down to the best one to publish.


I've become a bit more disciplined with my imaging this season, I used to flit from target to target in one night but now I camp out and stay on target all night so getting 5 or 6 hours data really helps when it comes to the finished product. 




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