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Simeis 147 - 18 Hours In


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Have managed to acquire and integrate 18.8 Hours worth so far, using new mosaic integration workflow in APP.


Still horrible gradients and noise to contend with but I'm pleased with progress and hopefully haven't overdone it?


Will hopefully add some better quality data and replace some of the panes in the integration now that I know how to do this without having to start from scratch.


All data acquired with WO Redcat 15, ASI294mc pro and Optolong l-eNhance filter.






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1 hour ago, Astrobdlbug said:

Cracking - and a mosaic to boot…

I had the luxury when I images this target that the spaghetti nebula fitted in a single frame using Samyang135mm lens.

Are you planning more or sticking with what is an impressive 19hrs ?





Funny you should say that Bryan, I've just swapped the Redcat out for the Samyang 135mm!

I'm thinking I may do some more with the 135mm and then register and integrate both sets to see what comes out?



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