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Hello - from Bortle 9 - London UK

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Just found this forum by accident the other evening. Great place and lots of interesting folk and wonderful captures!

Somewhat a neophyte but building my knowledge as an active participant in this fascinating interest.


Because I'm under a Bortle 9/8 sky most of the year (truly an urban astrophotographer), and have a very restricted view (40 deg alt and just the sector from due south to about WNW) my chances of imaging are restricted.

That said, imaging challenges are something that really are my interest. Hope to occasionally post any of my acceptable captures here once in a while.

Areas of interest - Solar, Luna and in time some of the fainter wonders of the night sky.


(Here's a 'first light' capture of a solar limb prominence caught back in August using my TS-61EDPH with a Quark Combo plus Baader 3x tele-centric Barlow via 178 mono GPCAM.)


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7 hours ago, Moonlit said:

Welcome to the forum! I just had my first view through a club members chromosphere filter the other day and was boggled that I could actually see a prominence. Actually inspecting a star at that level is awesome!

Thanks for the Welcome! Indeed observing our 'local' star is very humbling and fascinating at the same time. Something I will probably be concentrating on more, once the leaves are fallen from the surrounding trees where I live.

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On 10/17/2022 at 9:04 PM, Lamplighter05 said:

Here's a 'first light' capture of a solar limb prominence

And what a great capture you did. Having a limited view of the sky can be challenging - I can’t shoot mid to low south and east is hampered by trees and houses - but you will be surprised as to what you can capture with the remainder of the sky. I am in Bortle 7/8 and do mainly mono narrowband. But sometimes the colour camera comes out with suitable filters and I surprise myself as to what can be achieved in light polluted skies.

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11 hours ago, Carastro said:

Welcome.  Wow, l thought l had it bad with Bortle 8.  But with narrowband filters you can still do a lot of imaging.


Yup am in the 'white zone' as such - and lots of LED street lights all around my location. At some point I'll try some mono captures with an Ha filter just to see what is possible. 🙂

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