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Jupiter 27th Oct. '22 - first effort for a beginner.

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I managed to capture my first images of Jupiter using my iOption AZ Pro mount (on modded Tri-Pier) with a Skywatcher Mak-127. It was very cloudy both low level and high altitude ... so had to set up and take down within half an hour. Capture time was just a couple of minutes and through thinning clouds. Here's a stacked and processed stacked set of views. GRS was not in view at capture time (11:27pm). Not the greatest views, but was more interested in what detail I could pull out - with the hope of better data captures in the future.

Camera is the QHYCCD 5-III 462C with the IR window in place. ROI 256x256 so low res too.

(Reason for posting - Is this what one can expect for this level of capture 1500mm 1920x1080?)



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1 hour ago, Smerral said:

Good start with some nice detail! I found the Mak 127 an excellent scope for the planets. It seemed to perform particularly well on Mars.

Cheers for the encouragement! I will be working on getting critical focus next - and seeing if I will need to add an electronic method for focusing. As my iOptron mount is much more 'solid' compared to the SW one provided (AZ GTi) I didn't have too much difficulty adjusting mirror focus with minimal wobbles. I think I'll use a clothes peg to get that bit extra leverage and small arc movements to achieve better focus.

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