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Please read these Guidelines for using this section


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By using The Backyard Astronomy Yard classified section (hereafter referred to as the BYA Forum), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions: 

The BYA Forum accepts no responsibility for the content of the classified adverts, the nature, quality, safety or legality of the items advertised or any part of the transaction that occurs between the buyer and seller.

The BYA Forum does not oversee any adverts and will not get involved in the transaction between buyer and seller.

The BYA Forum will not be held responsible for ensuring that buyers or sellers complete a transaction.

Classified adverts may be removed at any time by the moderation team without prior warning or notice.


The BYA Astronomy Classifieds can be viewed by all including the general public.

If the Admin & Moderators feel that an advert may be inappropriate then without reference may modify or delete it, but generally would drop you a short polite note.


The Buy & Sell section is not to be used for commercial or retail purposes.

This would include people buying competitively from fellow members and selling on at a profit on other forums, the whole concept is to help people buy/sell at fair prices without fear of someone trying to make a quick buck!


Any person can view an advert, but to advertise in any of the sections requires a minimum of 30 genuine posts, not just post farming!

If a member feels that they need to contact a Moderator or Admin to gain access, then they are welcome to send a message to them explaining why they require access.

Adverts must include: 

  • A description of the item.
  • You must state a Price and can add o.n.o. but must not ask for offers as this is not an auction site.
  • You must describe the item in as much detail as you can and include a minimum of one photo of the actual item, not from an online site, you may display up to a maximum of three.
  • We encourage all users of this section to ensure that the item(s) are genuine and actually exist.

At your own risk publish a telephone number or email address, please remember that your email address is open to harvesting for spammers, far better to invite a PM (Personal message).

Please state your approximate location such as the Village/Town/City and Country if applicable.

Only astronomy related items are permitted.

Once an item has sold, please post a reply to the advert saying it is sold or withdrawn.


If you notice a problem with an advert, please use the report function.

Finally, "when buying, use your common sense, if something looks too good to be true then it probably is."

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