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sh2-155 The Cave Nebula in Cepheus


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30 minutes ago, Carastro said:

Very nice result.  What Birtle are your skies? 

Thanks Carole, according to Clear Outside I am Bortle 5, however there has been a huge amount of new housing and warehousing built in the area in recent years so I am probably more Bortle 6, possible even 7 depending on what part of the sky the target is in, The sky glow toward the M1 motorway and the warehousing built at the jct there has increased hugely and was a big factor in me moving to narrowband  in 2019/2020 and investing in 3nm filters rather than  7nm I started with.
Its also why I built the Azimuth table for my POD as imaging higher int the sky also helps


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4 minutes ago, Dmack1 said:

That is probably the nicest cave nebula I've seen. Great colours and nice contrasty detail. really well done.


thank you - very kind words  - I spent a huge amount of time trying to get some overall clarity in the image as it is a very messy part of the sky - so much hydrogen, some initial processes resulted in an image that looked like space through dense fog !!
So I re-visited the Ha and was a lot more considered in the stretch and contrast
I also looked towards Sara Wagner's rendition on her website https://www.swagastro.com/sh2-155.html as I think her processing and colour palette choices are outstanding and I used her image as a guide/inspiration for the direction of travel when processing my image.


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