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Auriga Widefield


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Still haven't sorted the tilt issues but I'm not to bothered as I'll fix it with an RGB star layer further on down the line.


In the mean time, here's a two hour capture of the group of nebulae in Auriga. Group includes the Flaming Star, Tadpoles and Spider & Fly.


This version is the Ha-Oiii Colour integration from Astro Pixel Processor. I also did one with individual Ha and Oiii combined but I preferred this version in terms of both colour and presentation.


Samyang 135mm f2 @ f2,8

ASI294mc pro -10C unity gain

Optolong l-eNhance filter

EQ6-R Pro mount

ASIair Pro - guiding and capture.



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3 minutes ago, Dmack1 said:

Thats really nice, a different orientation, it took me a moment to place it!


It was the easiest way of framing the shot to cut out the obnoxious tilt in one of the corners. The one downside of the Samyang 135mm setup currently is no easy way to reframe the camera.



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Very nice Tony 

like the new orientation- no more big eyes staring down from the skies !!

Your comment regards no rotation of the lens is also something I am going to live with as I bought one of the 3-d printed holders that had mounting for EAF and ASIAIR but once it’s clamped down - that’s it - 



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