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Hi, newbie from Kent England

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Hello all

I'm Richard and have always had an interest in Space.

A few months ago decided to finally get a telescope and start understanding what is going on above us ?.

I have a Sciencetech 262 Reflector, although not yet managed to see anything through it.

I also want to get into Astrophotography, I have a DSLR Cannon 1200D EOS with a 300mm zoom. Have been taking some pictures with this but not yet through the scope.

Downloaded GIMP and have started to self teach myself this software ? 

As you can get this is all very new, so patience please as I will no doubt be asking many 'stupid' questions ? ? 

I am also in contact with a local astronomical society, although not yet met due to the current situation.

Looking forward to my journey!

Stay safe all

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Hi Richard,  I am in NW Kent/SE London, which society have you been in touch with?

Not familiar with your telescope, but the traditional way to take images it is either use the camera lens and do widefield, but mounted on a tracking mount, or to remove the camera lens and insert the camera into the drawtube of the telescope.  This will require the addition of a T piece and T adapter.

Does you mount track?  

Welcome to BYA by the way.  



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Welcome aboard Richard. There are people on here that have significant experience in AP. We do however all have the same opinion, that is the only "stupid questions" are the ones that are not asked. Good luck with your endeavours.


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