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Saturn - 21st July 2021

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Planetary has been rubbish this year, so I'm reminiscing over clearer nights! I tried the planets a few nights ago but with almost 100% humidity and breezy, I was fighting a losing battle. Weather in the UK right now is unseasonably warm.  Can't wait to have some cold weather now with dry still air. This was one of my best of the gas giant Saturn. Really pleased with the Altair F5 8" newt and it's capabilities. This is 4269 frames taken with a x2 barlow and a 290c. 


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Gosh that is a very nice picture, close to what I was seeing visually but there's more detailin the pic. Agreed about the weather. With the humidity I presume you got dew? I'm just learning that my telescope 'radiates heat to the sky' and so becomes colder than the air in my garden (how does the telescope manage to slip its heat past the air around it?!), everything got dewed.  Saturn became a yellow blob on Friday.  Apparently there are telescope overcoats, or radiator insulation can be used. Also heating bands, observing is proving to be trickier than I imagined! 

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