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Less light


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We are on the edge of the Shropshire hills up on the side of one of the hills looking across a broad valley to the hills opposite. It's a rural area, bortle 4. When we moved here 25 years ago it was pretty dark at night but gradually the security lights and street lights multiplied and it's nowhere near as dark as it was. But we've noticed over the recent weeks that the number of lights, especially security lights have become fewer and fewer. We can only put that down to the increase in electricity prices so perhaps there's a silver lining. Has anyone else noticed?





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No still as bright as ever here Steve. In fact a neighbour opposite has downlights in the eaves lighting the whole house up. Fortunately they are on a timer and go off around 10PM.

Another neighbour not quite so near has outside lights everywhere making it look like a xmas market year round. Then we have the dreaded LED streetlights. I shoot monochrome narrow band and have a IDAS D2 for blocking the LED light sources when shooting broadband with colour camera. So the lights don’t really cause me a problem. However it would be nice to see the night sky with naked eyes sometimes!

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