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LDN881 (from SE London Bortle 8)


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Taken over two nights with a dual rig.  Total of nearly 10 hours.


Dual rig
ED80 and Atik460EX
Ed72 and Atik460EX
Ha 30 x 600
Oiii 15 x 300x2
Sii 17 x 300x2
Total 9 hours 50mins



Plus a Crop to get in closer to LDN881



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Carole, absolutly fasinating image - I spent quite a while working out where in Cygnus this area is - and discovered it at the 'tail ' of the Butterfly - never seen this imaged  independantly before -  now I know what to look for I can see it on SADR widefield I took a couple of years ago.


Also - dual rig, wow,thats neat, a consequence of your recent additional telescope purchase I assume.  makes the most of the short imaging sessions we get at the moment between clouds.



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@Astrobdlbug Yes l dud the sane research as you on this target which l discovered on Astrobin. Also found l had imaged it as part if my Cygnus Mosaic. 

I have used a dual rig for some time my recent new scope was simply to replace my WO scope which l have now sold.  There were a number of features that l wanted in the new scope which didn’t exist with the WO scope. 


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  • Carastro changed the title to LDN881 (from SE London Bortle 8)

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