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Sanity check please - new camera

Adam Y

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Hi all - I am in the process of setting up my new laptop to work with the new camera (Skyris 132C).  I connected the camera and launched FireCapture, just with the camera sitting on my desk so I wouldn't have to set everything up outside just to play with the features.


I am assuming this is normal, but I am not seeing anything much with the camera connected - either all washed-out white or mostly black, depending on where I am pointing it.  Gain and other settings didn't have much effect.  I had thought it might just act like a webcam but i am guessing as the chip is exposed without any sort of lens in front of it for focus, that this would be normal.


Am I on the right track?  If its defective, i'd rather get started exchanging it rather than bothering with it on the scope.  Cheers, Adam

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Yes that would be correct - not defective. You don't have a lens attached to it so it is just the sensor picking up light or not so light (dark). Put it onto the scope, point the scope at something in the distance even during the day and try to bring it to focus. You may have to take the gain/exposure right down and then experiment with bringing it up.

Sharpcap has "auto" built in so try clicking auto in the various settings and let it decide what it should be just whilst you are trying it out.

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