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M42 and Sh2-279

Greg Yancey

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Had a go at M42 last night and was able to frame it so that I got Sh2-279 in the picture as well!  It was perfect skies last night and I had to take advantage of  it as we have been having alot of cloud cover lately.   Took 90x120 sec shots using my C11 with Hyperstar C11v4, ASi294MC Pro and IDAS NBZ UHS Filter, and processed in Pixinsight


Clear Skies




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Hi Greg, nice framing - try to apply some SCNR  and remove Green, and then balance the background There is also a neat script for Pixinsight written by Russ Croman called ColorCorrectedHDMRT, you could use that on a less stretched version and it should reduce the way the core that holds the trapezium which is blown out and over saturated.

M42 is a really difficult target to process, because its so bright its a relatively easy target to image in a short time , but the processing can be massively frustrating,

Give it another go, I am happy to answer any further questions



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Thanks so much Bryan!  I will give it a try, I am still playing around with it and will try that....when I apply SCNR, I can never tell if the green goes or not as I am colorblind.lol....🙂  🙂   I try to match to other pics the best I can, which has really helped me learn PI.  Thanks so much for the info for the script, I always like new ones that help out the processing! 🙂. I will check that one out, I recently downloaded the ones from Bill Blanshan and love those!  I know, when I am processing this one I was trying to play with the stretch to keep the core a little dimmer..  🙂.   Thanks so much for the comments 🙂 I really appreciate it 🙂





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