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NGC1499 California Nebula - SHO


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great to see so many images  being posted up this evening - we have all been taking advantage of what clear skies we have been afforded during this particularly active series of low pressure systems being thown at UK over past  few weeks. Off topic but I have been watching quite a few of the Met Office YouTube videos that explans why the jet stream is so powerful at the moment and spinning up these active lows in the atlantic.

Anyway back to imaging - it just seems to have been the case that the clear spells in my neck of the woods has been early evening 6pm - 9-10pm occasionally midnight, so the target I chose is one I have never been that inspired by, the California Nebula, its a big chunk of hydrogen gas sort of out there on its own near the Pleiades, but as its extremely bright in Ha I gave it a go - well how pre-concieved notions can be changed. There  is a lot of detail to be had in this target and using each channel in SHO and not using Ha as a psuedo Luminance layer over a colour mix of the three channels as I found out doing that 'flattens' the image substantially.


Anyway here is my version of the California Nebula




    4 Nov 2022 ·  12 Nov 2022 ·  15 Nov 2022 ·  20 Nov 2022 ·  22 Nov 2022
    Antlia 3nm Narrowband H-alpha 2": 33×300″(2h 45′)
    Antlia 3nm Narrowband Oxygen III 2": 32×300″(2h 40′)
    Antlia 3nm Narrowband Sulfur II 2": 26×300″(2h 10′)
    7h 35′





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Very nice rendition of the Nebula with contrasting colours. Interesting that you experience flattening of the image when using Ha as a pseudo luminance layer, I use this approach a lot with SHO data to make the Nebulosity pop. I have not tried SHO data with NGC1499 and your image has inspired me. It is now on my to do list. 

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