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10" RC truss tube anyone ???

Skipper Billy

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I am starting to think about a significant increase in focal length from my current 530mm setup for imaging.

This 10" RC caught my eye but my question is quite specific....

My remote observatory is very small and I need to be sure that any new scope will fit inside it!

Is anyone using a 10" truss tube RC with a filter wheel, electronic focuser and fairly heavy camera???

I would appreciate knowing the overall length of such a setup from the back of the camera to the front of the scope and ideally where the centre of gravity lies so I know what the overhang is forward and aft though this is less important as I can add weight to move the CofG.

Specifically I will be hanging off the back of it a Lakeside electronic focuser, Atik EFW3 and an Atik 16200 - I will probably also use an off axis guider with a Lodestar but that doesn't weight much.

If anyone is using the exact scope I would also appreciate knowing the distance between the two red lines on the attached photo ie the total overall height.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Skipper Billy

Yes I have the 12" GSO RC but it's the tube version rather than the open truss and it's really quite a different beast in terms of size from the 10" so I can't imagine any of the required dimensions would match. Let me know though if you want any measurements from scope that I have.

All the best




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@skipper-billy The only thing to do now is pay for it ? ? 

If you send Ian @ AA a message via FB he has a knack of coming up with some absolute gems, I bought mine from him from a client who had never used it at a bargain price, it might save you a few bob.

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