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Mars opposition is getting closer.....


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The weather in the UK for this years Mars apparition has been very uncooperative, with seeing conditions poor on even the few clear nights that we've had over the past several weeks. Nevertheless, I have managed a few images over the past month, which I thought I'd share here.



With oppostion on 8 Dec 2022, I have my finger's crossed that we get some better seeing over the next couple of weeks....

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3 minutes ago, GazAstro said:

Excellent Geoff ... All I'm seeing is clouds !

Yep, a lorra, lorra clouds the past 6 weeks. I've managed 6 passable imaging sessions since mid October, so an average of 1 per week, but in truth that's been a couple of nights back to back on 3 occaisions, so showing the same face, hence only 3 different views of Mars so far.

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Well after a couple of weeks of nothing much I had an unexpected and extremely fortuitous session with Mars last night. My wife and I were due to be celebrating our daughter's birthday with her family in Berkshire yesterday, but in the morning her husband tested +ve for Covid, so we came home. Then around 10pm I looked outside to see that the earlier fog was clearing, so I opened up the observatory and pointed the rig at Mars. I probably had the best seeing this apparition, so ran several SER videos, including adding the Baader barlow for amplification, allow the rig to operate at ~F21. The seeing was mostly stable, but was still a bit in/out, plus fog was patchy affecting the brighness of capture, eventually shutting me down. Anyway, here are 3 images, each comprising the best 30% of 3x6 min SERs. De-rotation was just the stack from each SER, not the SER itself. Mars is now 100% phase being less than 1 week prior to it's opposition. It's good to see a bit more surface detail finally coming through. Mare Cimmerium, with finger of Sinus Gomer pointing towards the bright region of Elysium, is rotating away from the Central Meridian. The polar hood has shrunk a lot since I last imaged Mars.


Also if you want to have a try at seeing Mars in 3D, just use either of the left 2, or right 2 images as stereo images and try to bring them together with your eyes. I use my hands to block the images, so that I look at the left hand one with my right eye and right hand one with the left eye.



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