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Horsehead and Flame


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I took this one on Thursday - I surprisingly clear night.  My first target was the cave nebula, but after I flipped the scope over the meridian I shot some flats and when I continued my resolution had changed. So I lost 2/3 of the data.

When Orion rose I took the opportunity for 2 hours of 3 min exposures on the Horsehead and Flame.  This nebula means a lot as I remember seeing a photo at Greenwich Planetarium and thinking it was very cool. I was about 9 and thought there is no way I could ever take a picture like it.

I have some issues - some of the bright stars are little misshapen - I'll need to work on controlling monster stars - always open to suggestions. I started a little early (12.30!) so it was all little low (by little I mean a lot).  When I processed I ended up with a dark variant and brighter one... this version is kind of in the middle.  

Altair 72EDF with 0.8 reducer - Optolong l-eNhance - ZWO ASI294MC-PRO on an EQ6.

Horsehead and Flame Nebula

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@MarkAR Thanks Mark.  I've recently discovered the aim button in APT, it's made framing so easy. Of all the stuff I've learned in the past 6 months, plate solving has probably been the biggest gain.

There's that wonderfully sweet moment I think everyone has been through when you move from just being grateful the target is in the frame, to actually positioning it where you want it.  It happened to me in August and it's such a milestone.  Can I also say that your picture of the Liberator has reminded that it by far the best looking starship in the history of Sci-Fi!

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