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Macbeth's Nebula


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This is a 20 panel mosaic of Cepeus.  Most panels have 50 minutes of data captured through a 3nm Chroma Ha filter on a FSQ106 at 387mm.  The image covers an area of 18 x 11 degrees.  I wanted to collect more data, but the weather has conspired against us.

There are many familiar objects shown.  The Bubble is at far left and the Flying Bat at the far right.  In between the Cave, Brain, Lobster, Wizard and Elephant's Trunk.

The image was captured with CCDCiel, Stacked and Calibrated in CDStack and combined/processed in Affinity.



This shows where the various Sharpless and NGC items are found:-

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Thanks Carole.  I'm pleased that somebody noticed the Squid.

The title comes from my mis-remembering some lines from Shakespeare's Macbeth, and the various objects that are visible.

"Bubble, Bubble, Toil and trouble" from the three witches.  Upon checking, they actually said "Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn, and caldron bubble."  Later they mentioned the "Wool of bat".  And of course, they lived in a cave.

There are many uses of the word  "equivocation" in the play,  which are thought to be a cheeky reference by Shakespeare to Henry Garnet, who had been executed over the Guy Fawkes affair - accused of "equivocataion".

My plan to name the whole image "Macbeth" fell apart a bit when I realised that NGC7380 is actually known as the Wizard Nebula, and not the Witch's Nebula.

I had intended to type up an explanation earlier, but I wasn't able to make it look sensible.


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