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IC443 - Jellyfish Nebula in HOO


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Probably my last capture of the year last night.


Managed to grab about 1.5 hours worth of IC443 before it became obstructed. Stupidly didn't check the gain setting though (I'd been playing with Video settings on the ASIair when I was sorting the focuser. Doh!


That meant I had lights captured at a gain of 390. Couldn't calibrate out the Amp Glow with 120 Gain Darks so had to do a bit of faffing around in processing. Wasn't too bad by the time I had merged the 4 individual panes of both Ha and Oiii then recombining as HOO in Astro Pixel Processor but had to play around with the bottom of the frame and sacrifice some of the left side through cropping.


Would have been nice to end with a nice clean capture though. Hey ho.


4 panels each of Ha and Oiii


Skywatcher 80ED Pro

ASI294mc pro

Optolong l-eNhance

ASIair Pro

EQ6-R Pro


Integrated in Astro Pixel Processor

Processed in Photoshop CC






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Thats come out well your processing has over come the capture issues you had. I actually like this presentation as most Jellyfish Nebula images are 180deg respect to your image here.

A lot of detail for only 1.5hrs


You have had a very productive year so good to round it out with a decent Jelly fish image,



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