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M45 - The Pleiades

Greg M

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Amazingly, I've never spent any real time on this target. On this outing I planned to shoot M45 with my 2600MC until the moon rose around 10pm and then switch to my 2600MM and Ha filter on The Rosette Nebula for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, I ran into this weird thing called dew! Around 9:45pm I started getting alerts in the Pegasus Unity app to turn on my dew heaters. Ain't nobody here in the desert got dew heaters! :icon-smile: I ended up with 50x 180sec subs on M45 and then called it a night. It was 24°f so probably best...

StellarVue SV70T, 2600MC Pro, iOptron CEM70, Captured with NINA, Processed with PixInsight


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I remember once driving over from San Francisco into Las Vegas, the highway got to a high place in the desert and it was raining really heavily - bouncing off the ground. The outside temperature had dropped to about 60F (height of summer too).

As soon as we dropped into LV headed to the hotels multi storey car park I looked at the outside temperature gauge in the car and it was 128F!

We must have hit that rare time when parts of the desert get irrigated by rain.

So maybe on odd occasions dew does form in the NV desert as you have found out 🙂

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Yeah, we get it occasionally, I just wasn't prepared the other night. I checked out the temps and winds before I left since they were manageable, I just didn't bother to check the humidity because, why would I? It's usually in single digits around here.

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