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perseus galaxy cluster (first image with nexus reducer/coma corrector)

Craig a

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this is my first image posted on here and a first since doing a few more mods on my quattro 10cf over the summer, including upgrading the primary mirror springs to stronger ones and also siliconing the primary to its cell. its also my first image with the starizona nexus 0.75 reducer/coma corrector bringing the scope down to f3 some call it a poor mans rasa, but adding a 600 quid nexus isnt a cheap accessory  😂

guiding was abit of a pain had to bin a few subs but hey ho

taken with skywatcher 10cf reduced to f3, asi 533 mc pro

106 x 2min subs 3 hours ish 

im quite pleased with the nexus reducer dont think its done a bad job for 3 hours on these faint galaxys please feel free to comment 

astrobin link:  https://astrob.in/lsb1t6/0/

its only a jpg version on here and astrobin. im too tight to pay astrobin for the premium version that allows larger png files to be uploaded 

perseus galaxy cluster.jpg

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