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The Flaming Star & Tadpoles Nebulae

Greg M

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IC405 The Flaming Star Nebula and IC410 The Tadpoles Nebula

StellarVue SV70T, ZWO2600MCPro, Optolong L-eXtreme Filter, iOptron CEM70EC mount.
Captured from my Bortle 8-9 backyard with NINA.
Processed with PixInsight.
40x 600sec= 6hrs40mins integration time.

C&C welcome!spacer.png

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10 hours ago, Astrobdlbug said:

Can I ask what process you used to get the pseudo SHO as the colour palette 🎨 is really good ? 


Yeah Bryan, I used Bill's narrowband normalization PixelMath to get the base colors and from there tweaked it with Curves Transformation. Bill explains it here in the video and there's a link to the PixelMath in the video description.



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Greg- after I wrote my response to your post I thought you’d used Bill’s normalisation script - so great to hear that confirmed - I used same script on a NGC7000 image I took with same camera/filter combo as you and was really impressed with the way the script develops contrast and colour balance from the bicolour image.

Others using OSC + dual band filter should find the link you posted very  useful to help develop their images away from the rather flat red (ha) bias dual band can give.



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