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First 2 Hours


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I have been off this for a while, with bad weather and pretty rough seasonal chest infection, also getting to grips with NINA and other software issues, finally got to grips with it all enough to turn out some half decent images. I have built up just over hour on 2 targets now and also have the bias and darks at the same temperature which can be a challenge with a none cooled camera, with some not too bad results that i'm quite proud of so far.


M33 and NGC281




Light_Stack_2 Edit.jpg


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No. Flats just need to be the same orientation as the lights so as long as you don't do anything like turn the camera relative to the OTA you will be ok. They are not temperature dependant so can be any temperature.

Bias also are not temperature dependant so can be any temperature.


Darks really need to be the same temperature as lights - much easier to control with a temperature regulated cooled camera of course but as you have an uncooled one just try to keep them within 5C or so. It can be a challenge as the sensor will naturally heat up when taking captures. The fits header should tell you the temperature at the time of capture. Even DSLRs in raw format have the temperature embedded in the header of the frame. Orientation relative to the OTA of darks is irrelevant as they are done with the lens cap on.


Hope this helps.



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