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Jupiter with some moons

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Seeing was pretty good for around here last night, and FireCapture kept crashing on me every time I switched the profile to try to grab Saturn.  So I fired up SharpCap without having ever looked at it, and grabbed this quick one of Jupiter and 3 moons.


About 90 seconds worth, for 5048 frames.  Kept the best 75%.  No darks or flats; by this time my back was hurting from the cold!


PIPP to stablise the video and discard bad frames > Autostakkert 3 > Registax > GIMP.  Enjoy!  Think i might start investigating SharpCap - I really love many of the features of FireCapture, but I sure hate how it crashes with very little provocation!!   





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Great results Adam. Sharpcap is certainly good software. I use it for solar captures. Not sure you actually need flats nor darks for planetary as essentially you are shooting video.

Have a look at the help files in Sharpcap to see suggestions as to whether they are necessary.

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