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M31 - First attempt using Hyperstar - Reprocessed data from October post

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Decided to give another go at some data that I took of M31 back in October and reprocessed it as its been super cloudy and not able to go out and take pictures.  Played around in PI with some new processes too!  Picture consists of 38 x 90 sec - total time elapsed for data collection was 1 hour and 25 minutes.  Taken using my Celestron C11 using the C11v4 Hyperstar, ASi294MC Pro with Optlong L-eNhance Dual Band Filter.  I have also included the original picture that I posted on 10/15 to this group.


Clear Skies!


M31 - reprocessed.png


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Good processing Greg. I quite like the 2nd one. You may find that using HDRMultiscale Transform may bring out more detail in the core. Try these settings:




Either while still linear or after stretching.

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