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Off Axis Guider VS Telescope mounted guider?

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Apart from the extra little effort to set up an OAG (Off axis guider), will it make that much more of a difference to my guiding vs the standard finderscope?

I will be utilising pulse guiding via the USB port on the EQ6 PRO mount. I know a lot swear by an OAG and probably more so swear at the OAG, but I have one and cannot decide which way to go as I have not used one before, I understand the principles and the set-up but just need that input from users of such devices.

Details of my set-up are located in my signature. I am currently reading up on OAG and their benefits, but sometimes you cannot find an answer that fits directly with a question(s) asked.

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Hi, Im no expert at all and have just re-entered the DSO imaging hobby (or torture, whichever you want to use)

I am currently using a Skywatcher ED80 Pro Equinox with field flattener,  ZWO OAG and spacers to my ZWO585MC.

My guiding camera is the original ZWO 120MM (not the mini version) and is so old that its in the original brown ZWO box (not the new shiny white ones).

I have had no issue picking up guidable stars in the OAG using PHD2 and allowing it to choose the guide star.

The one thing I found immensly usefull was I was using N.I.N.A and using the manual focussing routine I could get my stars pin point and knew at that time that the guide scope was also focussed and so PHD2 had no issues in calibrating.

Using my CEM60 I was guiding at levels I had never experienced for over 2 hours and the object remained bang on in the middle of my screen with no drift.

Just get the spacing right (mines 55mm) and it really is easy to do.

I was a little hesitant at first because it went against everything I thought about but it has been an incredibly simple process.

Your mini will pick up many more stars I believe than mine so you should have great fun.

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Thanks nickarp2000, I have still yet to get the kit out and in action due to the weather and work issues. As soon as I do, I am going to work on one object with the standard set up, then on the next clear night switch over to the OAG and see what differences show up.

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Just out of interest, why would you switch?

Do you get issues with the guidescope?

I used an OAG many years ago and switched to a dedicated FS - never looked back.

I'd had trouble locating guide stars with the OAG - not always, but enough.


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