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NGC1333 - A Surprising Result

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This was just an experiment to see if I could get an image without the use of a LP filter from my back garden.

I have LED lights and a school playing field that has floodlighting on until 10pm, but not on a Sunday evening when I took this image.
The humidity was high 85-90% - as we got freezing fog early hours of next day.
However I am pleased to get a reflection nebula image under such conditions - albeit with not too much detail
I used APP to stack the subs - they really did not look as if there was anything useful embedded in the murk... Here is a screen shot of a single sub


But 120 subs stacked with Dark, Flat BPM and Bias withn APP and then using the Light Polution Removal Tool in APP - an image appeared for me to process.
First processing was done in Pixinsight,  I put it through SPCC, then used BlurXT to tighten the stars only - but thank goodness for NoiseXT, then did some colour stretch with GHS before finishing in PS CC


The ASI2600MC continues to deliver...




Image Aquisition Details

Dates:    21 Jan 2023
Frames:     120×120″(4h) -10°C
Integration:     4h
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale:    5/6
Temperature:     -7.00



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