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Orion constellation with a bit of the nebula

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Decided to go a little different direction on this one, I am trying to learn my wife's ancient Nikon D90 well enough to try to get a shot of this comet if the skies are clear.  Took this last night from my back yard (bortle 4-5) with the camera and 50mm prime lens.  No mods or filters.  50x3" subs, along with 25 each darks, flats, biases.  No tracking so I dared not try to zoom or go much beyond 3 seconds.   I tried stacking in DSS, Siril (manual process) and Siril (scripts) and had to say I preferred the stacked output of the scripts.  No doubt that's because at this point it makes better choices than I do.


Proceeding with the scripted stacked output, did some basic processing in Siril then star reduction and levels/curves in GIMP.


The middle of the nebula is a bit blown out, but this was more an exercise in learning the camera and I didn't even expect to get this much!  Next time maybe i'll take a shorter exposure of the middle bit so i can blend it in for detail.    I hope that I can get a clear night when the comet is at its brightest, I'm pretty encouraged!





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It looks good Adam and you have got the focusing spot on - always difficult with a DSLR and a standard lens.

I have a couple of 50mm prime Canon lenses that I occasional use on my astromodded, really ancient, EOS400D - cave dwellers used that one!

The only issue I have with it is my lenses are intended for full frame cameras not the EFS crop sensor in the 400D so you get a different field of view from a full frame.

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