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Comet C/2022 E3 ZTW

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Great colour in your image Martin

Also good to note that 60s subs still bring out the tail.

I used 120s subs and the movement of the comet between subs was significant which gave me a lot of processing work.

What technique did you use to process ?



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Hi Bryan I used pixinsight. Following WBPP Starnet2 was used to extract the stars from all registered frames. These frames after Comet Alignment were integrated then used to create a comet RGB starless image. The resultant comet only image was cleaned up using clone brush to remove lots of star artefacts, a slow tedious process. The original WBPP final light frames were used to create an RGB image, then the stars were extracted using Starnet2 to create a star mask. The comet and starmask were combined using pixelmath. Final RGB and saturation adjustments were added before completion. 


Note: I attempted this procedure on some comet data captured a couple of days ago and the comet movement has increased such that comet artefacts were left in the starmask that were not covered by the aligned comet image. In this case comet artefacts will need cleaning up in the starmask prior to combination. 

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