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NGC2244 Rosette Nebula

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First image using my new QHY294M with Antlia 3nm filter set on Redcat OTA. 17xHa, 10xSii & Oiii all at 300s. Captured using SGP and Post Processed with Pixinsight. This is my fist image of the Rosette where I managed to capture all the surrounding Nebulosity.  Decided to try the camera initially in single pixel (2.2um) mode at 47Mpix frames which provides 1.9 Arc/s per pixel. I wasn't sure how well this little scope would resolve the detail but am quite pleased with the results. 




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Great image Martin. I love my little RedCat and it constantly surprises me. I have Baader 3.5nm set in that scope.

I have the Antlia's too on another scope, having bought them a couple of weeks back, but typically it has either been cloudy since fitting them or my glass back gets in the way of doing any imaging. Only got chance the other day for half an hour to work out they are parfocal to each other and also parfocal with the Antlia LRGB Pros too.

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Hi terry, sorry to read of your back problems, I am a fellow sufferer thanks to years of rugby. The Redcat is a fun scope for those widefield image opportunities. 


Hi Bryan, yeah it was great to image the whole Nebula for once. My other setups give great detail on this subject but are limited to the centre of the Nebula.

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