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Which Witch is Which?

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Here’s a little comparison of a rework I did yesterday compared to the one a few months back. 

Same data in both cases, a measly 5 x 300s, that’s right, just 25 minutes of integration. That’s all I could capture from the balcony before it became inaccessible. 

Bearing that in mind, it’s understandable that the images are pretty rough in all aspects, however, the output from the new processing (incorporating BlurXterminator etc) is a huge step up, IMHO. 

Stacked in APP, processed in PI (inc RC “Xterminator” suite) and finished in Photoshop CC. 






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54 minutes ago, Sonyme said:

Hi Tony, It actually looks like a witch. What is the faint line passing through the witches eye and down toward bottom right?



Not sure Gary as it must have been there in the original integration. May have a go at restacking it to see if I can calibrate it out. Didn't know it was there until BlurXt brought it to light. 

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I have pretty much the same lines on the image I took of Witch head last December - bit fainter in screenshot below, it must be these pesty Starlink Satellites and  their path cuts through Witchhead  - I did notice many subs had trails and thought rejection would get rid - perhaps not and a lower rejection threshold might be needed to remove..





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I agree 100%, the new tools we have gained in the past 18 months (the exterminators, the new WBPP, Blanshans various tools and more) have made a simply remarkable difference to what we can achieve. Thats a nice witchhead by the way.

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