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M16 - The Eagle Nebula

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Another complete rework. I know the stars are dodgy, plan is to replace them at some point with RGB.

Main purpose behind this was to have a good old play with BlurXterminator, GHS and Colour Masking.


Original capture using Skywatcher 80ED Pro, l-eNhance and ASI294mc pro.


I did have an attempt at SPCC but as I did not have the Astrometric data embedded, I gave it a miss for now.





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You can add the astrometric data to it by dragging a single light sub onto the PixInsight desktop. This will have the data in it. You then open that image and goto Process > Image > FITSHeader.

The FITS header details is shown RA, DEC, Date etc. Click on the triangle at the left hand bottom of that box and drag it to your processed image. And that’s it. The FITs header has been dragged over with the all important positional details. Don’t worry about the filter that might be embedded in the FITS header as that is irrelevant for SPCC.


SPCC should then work if that area of sky has been surveyed by the GAIA spacecraft.

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It works better if you download local copies of the GAIA DR2 and DR3 catalogues along with the APASS catalogues too. See the PixInsight download section for more information on how to do it.

You can also use the online versions too but it is a bit flakey.

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3 hours ago, RaDec said:

Beautiful image Tony - BlurXT is an amazing add-on, as indeed are StarXT & NoiseXT.

Super re-work of what was obviously a great data-set in the first place.


Thanks Keith, I have the advantage of some pretty good sky from my balcony, even if the view is restricted and sometime has a lot of local light pollution. 

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