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After much messing about, I finally assembled it all - looks good to me but what do I know!


Spent last evening fine tuning my polar alignment (then removed the polar scope) and getting to grips with the robot focuser (auto focus in APT was getting nowhere, need to increase the steps as this is uses tiny steps!) 
Got the cameras rotated to match, autoguider focussed (that was a pain)
Waiting to fit the NB filters to the wheel (I've only got a IR/UV cut in there for now) they still haven't shipped yet - Ho Hum....

Everything should be remote now (apart from the cover and caps!) running two cables, one USB 3.0 and a 12v (max 30A) supply. 
My home made removeable pier is deliberately low to reduce wind shake and is bolted down to three 40mm dia stainless rods (750mm long) set in a m3 of concrete under the new patio foundation (that I'm still pointing for those who notice these things!) 
I've kicked the bottom of the pier during a 30s exposure and no noticeable wobble on the image, so thats a good start!

Done the best I can with the cables, but there is always room for improvement.

Now to get it all talking to the PC!


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