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NGC2174 The Monkey Head Nebula

Greg M

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C&C always welcome!
Explore Scientific ED152 CF APO
Explore Scientific 3" 0.7x Reducer/Flattener
ZWO OAG w/ASI290mm Guide Camera
ZWO EFW 7x36mm
Chroma 3nm Ha, SII, OIII Filters
ZWO ASI 2600mm Pro (0°, Gain 100, Offset 50)
iOptron CEM70EC mount

37x600sec Ha
21x600sec SII
22x600sec OIII
Captured with NINA 2.1 HF1 RC005 from my Bortle 9 backyard.
Processed with PixInsight
The higher res image can be viewed on Astrobin - Monkey Head


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Turn your head counter clockwise thru 90 degrees. The mouth is then at the bottom smiling and the eyes are the brighter orange circles. The nostril is the the dark area just above the protuberance forming the upper jaw. I also see a funky hairstyle too with the wispy bits of nebulosity at the top of the head. 



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It's interesting that you rotated the image to this orientation to see the monkey. If you look on Astrobin for this object, I'd guess that better than 80% have the image rotated 180° from your view or 90° anti-clockwise from my view.

Either way, I still don't see it...unless this is it???



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