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Posted by: @AstroOlly

Hmmmm, i was thinking about it, but no....have spoken to a mate of mine today, who has both a quality CCD colour and this new QHY 26c, and he has said to stick with my CCD, or I might regret it....he says it’s not worth the cost at all, and he is sticking with his CCD

Can't say I blame you. I hate changing any of my gear if it's working fine. Although I just bought a ZWO guidescope, to replace the stock finderscope I modified for guiding, and I have knocked about 40% off my RMS, and the seeing is not that great here.

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Although we all want to make savings with our purchases, I firmly believe that its important to keep UK resellers going or there would be no future development.

I am an import specialists, so lets assume the following: -

Purchase Price $1273.09
Shipping and Freight, let assume $75
Assume the exchange for this purpose at $1.29/£1

So as tax and duty is compounded you would pay approx. depending on what HMRC have declared as the exchange rate that month: -

Purchase Price £987
Duty at 4.2% £45
VAT at 20% 225
Fedex/UPS clearance charge, let say £35


That is for a camera that may appear the same, without warranty, without product support etc.

You also have to allow for the UK dealers overheads, staff wages, rent and rates, so at the end of the day it might look like a £400 profit, but in reality it would probably be around £150, so 10%, if I worked on 10% in my business then I would soon fold.

I have never objected to a dealer making a profit, as hopefully they are in it for the long run to help their clients out.

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