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Re-Processed Rosette - Narrowband/Broadband mix plus RGB Stars

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The Rosette I posted on Valentine's day was in hindsight rather over sharpened with BlurXT and I used rather to much saturation and local equalisation. The data could take the processing as I had 11hrs of 3nm Ha - but as I stepped back from the process and looked at the image, it was a bit in your face LOUD !!!


So last night,Monday, I put the ASI2600MC OSC onto the telescope and captured about 1hr of RGB data - I was mainly looking at using the stars, but there was a good bit of RGB form the Rosette itself with just an hour.

It was quite straight forward with ASIAIR to use the Rotate framing function to get the frame orientation angle lined up with the narrowband frame angle


I went back to the stretched  Ha and Oiii channels this evening and re-processed with a more classic HOO pixelmath combination and then used Photoshop to blend HOO, Foraxx and OSC data together along with screened RGB stars.


This is the result - a narrowband blend with Broadband OSC and RGB stars






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