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Sh2-184 - Pacman Nebula


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Here's another image - this time from November 2022.

I had two clear nights and managed to grab 5 hours of integration through the usual equipment.

This is processed in PI using the RC Astro tools and full calibration etc.

I also used Bill Blanshan's Pixel math to convert the OSC to a false HOO.

Not perfect as the light areas have blown a bit, but it generally works well considering.





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Very nice images Keith 👍 I also use Bill Blanshan's OSC to Hubble pixel math. You can reduce the  brightness of the script by opening up the pixel math, clicking on the symbols tab and then reducing the OIII boost and brightness control. I tend to reduce the OIII boost and brightness control to 0.8 or 0.9 for both on bright cores etc. 

Cheers Paul


Screenshot (74).png

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