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Another M31 - for those who like pink


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I have lots of incomplete M31 data, mostly OSC from my ZWO 294 and shot on both my ED72 plus a mosaic from my 250mm Newtonian and some Ha data shot on itelescope. I put the lot into APP and then tweaked the levels in Affinity. It probably needs some processing but I liked the image.

However, it is interesting that it seems to galvanize opinion, many absolutely hate it!







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It was a pure accident, I happened to have lots of data on my hard disk and it just did not have much punch and had too many artefacts from the mosaic. I noticed that Astro Pixel Processor had an L Ha RGB integration option so I used iTelescope to get some Ha (about 30 minutes worth), split my OSC into RGB and made a luminance from the RGB and stuck it all in and basically what came out is what you see. The red is there but the Ha seemed to have been mapped to pink. The Ha layer alone is very rough due to the very limited exposure.

I think we get used to looking at M31 as a dslr/osc  visual light object and forget that must be fairly rich in Ha. I am going to reshoot this without the mosaic and with a lot more data including a few hours of Ha.

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