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Viewing software?

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My eyesight is not so good these days and whilst I can still enjoy a night outside with the telescope(s) on a nice clear night, I do find viewing quite difficult sometimes.


So I've taken to using my telescope camera, the SvBony 305, instead of an eyepiece and viewing my targets on the laptop screen using Sharp Cap but I don't intend to do any imaging, just use SharpCap as a viewing apllication.


The trouble with this is that the screen is cluttered with all the imaging controls that I don't need just for viewing, so I started searching for any software that I could use simply to display the traget from my telescope camera on a full screen on the lap top and I haven't found anything yet.


So does anyone know of any software/app that will do that?

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Hi Peter. You can use the full screen mode of sharpcap from the options menu. It will switch to full screen and the camera control menu can be minimised, undocked and moved to the extreme side of the screen.

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Thanks Terry, yes I've been doing that each time, but if I then decide to go imaging I have to put it all back.  I just wondered if there was a 'bespoke' viewing only app out there somewhere but I don't think there is.

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