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Auriga - Revisited, 2 Panel Mosaic hybrid Image

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I find myself constantly going back to the Auriga region as the objects are so fascinating, not withstanding the Spaghetti Nebula, Flame and Tadpole Nebula there are other amazing objects and Messier star clusters. Previously I have imaged the region with Samyang 135mm wide field and also taken higher resolution images of both Flame and Tadpole Nebula with AT106EDT.


For this image the base is a 2 panel mosaic using StellaMira 90EDT, ASI2600MC and L-eXtreme 7nm dual narrowband filter, that I used to capture the subs earlier this week, 26th/27th February.

I have  included older data aquired over last 2 years using my AT106EDT and ASI1600MM with 7nm Baader and Antlia 3nm  Narrowband filters that were higher resolution images of both IC405 and IC410, they have SHO and RGB components mixed so this is very much a hybrid image.

I used RegiStar and Photoshop to overlay, colour match and blend the higher resolution images, did all this using starless versions and then used the recently aquired two panel starfield to screen in stars so I got 'correct' scale stars and not tiny pin pricks based on re-sized higher resolution images.


The total amount of data contributing to this image is over 32 hrs  that I aquired 2021,2022,2023


I did re-process the older higher resolution data using the new Rus Croman tools available and the channel combination utilities in PI like AIP_SHO and Foraxx.


The image has been re-sized from about 7855x 6062 pixels to approximately a 4K screen resolution of 3840 x 2963




Image Details


Imaging Telescopes :    Astro-Tech AT106EDT · StellaMira 90mm ED Triplet
Imaging Cameras :    ZWO ASI1600MM Pro  · ZWO ASI2600MC Pro
Mounts :    Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT
    11 Mar 2021 ·  22 Mar 2021 ·  18 Mar 2022 ·  27 Mar 2022 ·  1 Apr 2022 ·  2 Apr 2022 ·  26 Feb 2023 ·  27 Feb 2023 ·  28 Feb 2023
    Antlia 3nm Narrowband H-alpha 2": 115×300″(9h 35′)
    Antlia 3nm Narrowband Oxygen III 2": 96×300″(8h)
    Antlia 3nm Narrowband Sulfur II 2": 91×300″(7h 35′)
    Optolong L-eXtreme 2": 59×120″(1h 58′)
    Optolong L-eXtreme 2": 54×300″(4h 30′)
    Optolong L-eXtreme 2": 60×60″(1h)

Integration:     32h 38′



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What a wonderfully rich image. Masses of detail and great colour. Can I ask what type of computer are you processing this data on. I'm assuming it is a seriously capable device?       Gary

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Thank you everyone for such positive comments - much appreciated as this was quite a processing challenge with all the different datasets used .



2 hours ago, Sonyme said:

Can I ask what type of computer are you processing this data on. I'm assuming it is a seriously capable device?  


Gary, yes I built a bit of a PC beast back in summer 2021  to handle the large data sets that the ASI2600MC-PRO generates when each sub is 52Mb coming from its  APS-C 26MP sensor, I also went a bit gamer tech with RGB fans and water cooling.


Processor    AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor - 3.59 GHz
Installed RAM    64.0 GB

1Tbyte NVMe M.2 card  that sits on  the V4.0 PCIe Bus

delivering over 5Gb/s memory access bandwidth - amazing performance
1Tb SD drive on SATA

I added a Nvidia GPU card RTX3060 last year and run the CUDA acceleration 'hack' that makes all Rus Croman's Xterminator AI tools run in a few 10's of seconds even on mosaic such as this.








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This is an amazing composition. Not only for the field of view, but the incredible depth those 32 hours have given you. The colours are excellent and the whole image is simply briliant. Very well done Bryan


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Cor blimey Bryan, I've been in disco's that didn't look that good!  What would you say would be the minimum requirement, off the shell kit, you would get away with to handle typical astro-photo imaging software and your average image count to build a decent shot?   Gary  

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