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M33 - HaRGB

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Revisited older capture that I had never been happy with. 

Used the RC ‘X’ suite on the linear data and Bill Blanshan’s stretch and Ha to RGB toolset then finished thing off in Photoshop to address the messiness caused by bad calibration files. Final little stretch and a bit of Astro Flat Pro. 

This is the first HaRGB I’ve actually felt quite pleased with. 

Original capture using 80ED Pro, ASI294mc with L-Pro and l-eNhance filters. 





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I reckon M33 is just one of those targets that are brick hard to be pleased with. I've done it loads of times and I'm never pleased with it!

That said, your image is excellent Tony, it has a really natural look - very easy on the eye yet full of structure.

How much data is in there?

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I so rarely get the opportunity for that length of collection. I need at least a couple of nights and we know how that's going at the moment!

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