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Fleming's Triangular Wisp


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I've been playing around with PixInsight (and Photoshop of course) with some of my data acquired in Sept 2020 (so long ago now) and here is one of my renditions of Flemings's Triangular Wisp

  1. Channel Combination R=SII, G=Ha, B=OIII
  2. I did an autoscreen transfer function
  3. Tweaked the STF very slightly and applied it to a Histogram Transform to make the image non linear
  4. Next I inverted the image and did a SCNR to remove green the reinverted the image again
  5. HDR Multiscale Transform next with 6 layers and 1 iteration with B3 Spline (5) and a lightness mask
  6. Script dark structure enhance
  7. Starnet to create a starless image and a star mask
  8. Saved the starless image as a 16bit TIFF and imported it into Photoshop
  9. In Photoshop the image was denoised with Topaz
  10. Balanced the histogram to move the black point slightly I run another PI unsharp mask on it and saved it again
  11. Back to PixInsight the starless image was loaded up again
  12. Invert the starmask and did a SCNR on the green component and inverted it back again
  13. Next run a photometric colour calibration on the star mask based upon my focal length/pixel size/date of acquisition and RA/DEC
  14. PixelMath came next to add together the two images
  15. Export as a PNG


Here is yet another rendition of Pickerings Triangular Wisp AKA Flemings Triangle




Fleming's Triangular Wisp
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