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Full moon 7th March 2023

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Ok, I "cheated" a bit on this one, and while I am pleased with the result and while I feel its good enough to share with friends/family, it definitely shows the limitations of the technique.  In this case, I held my wife's Samsung up to the eyepiece on the 8"SCT and took video while dark clouds came and went.  


PIPP fought me all the way as there were a lot of weird halos from the thin cloud layer and I had to play with the object detection parameters.  Everything it spit out gave me some weird random vertical bands when viewed in Autostakkert.  Weirdly, the .SER files on their own did not have the bands.  Eventually, I settled on parameters that gave me something that AS3 was happy to work with.  From there, I stacked ~35% of 1223 frames (down from 1700 after PIPP rejection).  It did not need much sharpening in Registax, in fact even with just a little it was hard not to get a "rind" effect so I mostly backed off of that.  I did align RGB.  Final processing in GIMP.   In the end, I needed to extract the background and flatten it a bit because I could not get the levels right with that halo.  I then had to very carefully take an elliptical selection of the Moon taking all but the thin rind artifact then pasting it back on the background layer.   Pixel peepers will see a little bit of aberration around the top and bottom edge, as well as some thin lines here and there I assume are sensor artifacts.


Not scientifically accurate, nor a candidate for APOD, but I am pleased with what can be done with a mobile phone camera and a bit of patience!



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Great image with good detail. On my screen the background has a red hue so a little masking over the moon and a curve reduction on saturation on the background should bring it down a little - maybe take the left hand RGB slider down a bit too. Fantastic for a mobile phone though as they really are good sensors nowadays.

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Thanks Terry - funny you mention the red hue to the background.  On my monitor in GIMP or just opening the picture, it looks more grey/black.  As soon as I uploaded it here, the image does show that red hue.  I wonder if it changes the colour space somewhere along the way. 

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You need to apply the ICC Profile sRGB to the image before you save it as a jpg or png. That way it will look the same on all electronic platforms.

I don’t use GIMP but this applies to all image manipulation software.

Have a look at this for explanation https://digital-photography-school.com/adding-icc-profiles-in-gimp/ and here 



In PixInsight you have a similar drag and drop ICC profile to the processed image.


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