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the Tulip Nebula in HSO

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This was my second (and so far last!) HSO image taken with my QHY 163M camera. At under 4 hrs it was never going to be great.


However, I have recently been reprocessing much of my data to see what ne processes. such as the XT suite and local normalisation can do. i have in the last two weeks been given some fantastic turoring by our own @Astrobdlbugin how to use GHS. thaks again Bryan.


So I gave it a go on this data, also using BXT and Blanshans NB Normalisation.. And this is what I got



It needs to be considerd in the light of my previous best effort with this same data which was



Now the new one is still not earth shattering but personally I think its a quantum leap over the previous version. Infact, i'd say its hard to believe its from the identical data set.


C&c is as always greatly appreciated.

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Excellent comparison and an utterly amazing image on both counts.

If you check out this link for GHS2 as a process in PI rather than a script, it's extremely detailed and helpful


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