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Greetings from the central United States

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Hello all,

My name is Vince and I am planning on getting back in to the astronomy hobby with the warm spring weather soon approaching.  I've had some bad luck with health issues over the past 7 years, everything from cancer to a heart attack.  But I've been feeling well enough to start up again.   I live on the southwestern side of Omaha, NE which according to the maps in a class 6 zone.  Yeah, class 6 on a cold, no humidity or haze day.  That doesn't happen often.  We live about 3.5 hours from the location where the Nebraska Star Party is held every year and thats a class 1 zone.  I would like to make a trip out there one weekend just to be able to see that sky.


I use a Celestron C8N and a CG5 mount.  I like to experiment with astrophotography although this isn't the best rig for that.  But when the weather is good and the wind is calm, its possible to get some nice photos.


I hope to be visiting here often.


Thanks for listening.






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Welcome to the forum.  Sorry to hear about your health issues, but glad to hear you are coming out of them.

Many of us suffer with LP skies, I image from Bortle 8 !!!!



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Welcome to the forum Vince. No matter how dark your skies are, you cannot overcome the clouds that have besieged the UK this year.

look forward to your contributions. 

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