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Looking for advice for a telescope for my 7 yo to see the craters on the moon. Just getting started

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I'm brand new here on this forum...and to astronomy. But I would suggest something like the Celestron Cometron 114AZ tabletop Dobsonian telescope.  Inexpensive. Lightweight, easy to set up. It might be more stable than a tabletop refractor. I dunno. Like I said; I'm new to this. So what do I know?

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I would also go with a Dobsonian telescope too as they are really easy to use. Something very portable like this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-heritage-100p-tabletop-dobsonian.html or this if you like button pressing


You will need a table for the above.


If you want a bigger floor mounted scope then something like this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-150p-dobsonian.html can be used by all the family but is not quite as portable. But you don't need a table.


These SkyWatcher scopes are available in most countries but may go under different brand names in your country.


The thing about Dobsonian's are they are point and squirt. Once the object you want to view is in the field of view then you just have to nudge the scope to the right every now and then to compensate for the earths rotations to keep the object in place. With anything to do with astronomy it is better to have lowish levels of light pollution but if you are looking at the moon you will be able to discern the features really well. 


Download an app like StarSafari and you will be able to learn the night sky and navigate your way around.

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Another vote for a tabletop Dobsonian.¬† That's what I bought my 9 year old grand-daughter who asked for one as she wants to be a Space Scientist!!!¬†¬†ūüėÄ


Easy to use and set up and no need for a mount etc.   Not expensive as telescopes go.  

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1 hour ago, gregt1957greg said:

Thank you to all. I will start my research to see pricing. Hopefully something around $100 or less. So happy that I found this site. Very helpful people !!!


You're welcome.  I am not a fan of Dob's, but they don't need a mount. Which might be an advantage. It's all the pushing and shoving with no tracking finesse that I dislike.

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18 hours ago, gregt1957greg said:

Do you happen to have an opinion on the " national park travel scope 60 telescope ". Thanks for your input!!

Not personally no, sorry. Someone else might.

I'm not a fan of Dobs either, but they make a great first scope for all the above reasons, plus the fact that they force you to learn the night sky, which is invaluable both to a beginner and for the rest of their interest. Learning the star patterns and how to 'star hop' is often neglected with modern 'go too' telescopes, but is an essential skill in my opinion.

Let us know what you decide & good luck.

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Hi @gregt1957greg and welcome to BYA.org


On 4/14/2023 at 6:21 PM, gregt1957greg said:

Do you happen to have an opinion on the " national park travel scope 60 telescope ". Thanks for your input!!

Give it a miss! 


If you want refractor, then the Sky-Watcher ST80 as mentioned by @Nightspore above would be the better option. Best bang for your buck is the Sky-Watcher Heritage 130P or 150P.


This is from a GB/UK site... 
https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes.html and gives you an idea of what is available... and here for the Sky-Watcher Heritage series... 

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