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Elephant's Trunk


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This is another WIP, although I'm hoping that I can improve it.

This has 110m Ha and 140m OIII, along with 9.5m RGB.

I deliberately took very little RGB as an experiment.  My thinking was that even 60s exposures led to saturated stars, so I might be able to colourise the stars by just taking 30s exposures on the R and G, and 60s on the B.  This sort of worked, but the stars seem to have come out with random shapes.  I'm tempted to try even shorter exposures, but an awful lot more of them.  If anyone can offer their opinion, I'd be grateful.

As I'm typing this I've just wondered if dithering between the exposures would help???

The other issue is the blotchy noise in the red areas.  I get this in a lot of my images and I've recently figured out that it isn't in the red (Ha) data, but in the Blue (OIII).  The noise appears when the luminance is applied.  The "holes" in the  OIII get turned into bright red bits!

How do people deal with this?  I know that more exposure will deal with the problem, but it looks like this image would need another 10-15 hours of OIII, which wouldn't add much to the rest of the image - I think!  I had the same issue (but even worse) with the Pacman last year.

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