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Which process method do you prefer?


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I am new enough at AP that I can still be amazed at the difference in outcome that can be achieved by following different processing methods on the same data. And I am intrigued to know how other people - that's you!- think about these different outcomes. Do you prefer one over another? Do you think that they are all equally good or do you have a strong belief that one way is simply "wrong". Or ????

Below are two processings of exactly the same data. In fact they have both come from the one file output from APP. It is 2 panel mosaic captured with an Optolong L-enhance filter. One was processed as a normal RGB the other using a HOO workflow.

I'd really love to hear people thoughts, not so much on my images but more on the what your opinion is of the relative merits (or otherwise) of the two different styles.

First the straight RGB (this was posted previously)


Full res here https://astrob.in/ijjfe9/0/

Then the HOO


Full res here https://astrob.in/ye7dzb/0/

Lets hear what you think

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I don't believe there is any wrong way to process images, it's all about preferences, and equipment used. I prefer to work with narrowband filters for nebula, mainly to combat light pollution, but also the images can be combined in infinite permutations, to get the colour that is pleasing to the eye. For galaxies I will use broadband, plus Ha if needed, but my exposures have to be quite short using the broadband filters. I will also use broadband to capture star colour, to replace stars taken with narrowband.

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